Looking for a great light wind kite that doesn’t become a hassle if the wind picks up? Look no further than the 15m TS V2 from Best Kiteboarding. The TS line from Best is in it’s second generation and is called the V2 series. We had great results with the original TS 15m and the V2 has proven to be even better.

Best has gone way over the top in developing a kite that works for everything. The TS line features 3 different canopy profiles.

  • 5m & 6m TS kites are designed for rock solid stability in high wind
  • 7m – 12m sizes are designed for big air and all around riding. These sizes are geared towards new school riding and even waves.
  • 15m & 17m are the most aerodynamically refined kites that Best has ever made.

The 15m TS V2 is an amazing upwind machine. Once the power stroke is initiated the kite delivers a smooth yet healthy pull to get you up and planing. The 15m’s higher aspect profile allows the kite to fly further forward in the window to get you upwind and keep you there. Lighter bar pressure was introduced on the 15m this year giving you longevity for your sessions but still has enough feedback to feel the kite.

What we really like about the 15m TS V2 is it’s wind range. As much as we all want the wind to pick up during a light wind session many dedicated light wind kites become a nightmare if that does happen. The 15m TS V2 performs beautifully at the top end of it’s range giving you insane hang time, explosive pop and great depower.

The 15m TS V2 is recommended to be flown on the Best RP Bar V3. In it’s 3rd generation the RP Bar is one of our favorites for comfort and usability. It’s well thought out, intuitive and packs some cool features including a replaceable Delrin bar insert to greatly reduce wear on your center line.

I highly recommend the 2013 15m TS V2 from Best Kiteboarding as a light wind kite for any rider 200lbs and under. For a heavier rider the 17m is a perfect fit. It offers the same light wind performance with a slightly greater pull. Best of all the construction on these kites is unparalleled with it’s Double Core Rip-Stop giving you twice the performance with no extra weight.