Throughout the evolution of the Slingshot RPM the kite has maintained it’s reputation as a leader in 3-strut Open-C canopy design. The RPM is now in it’s fifth generation and Slingshot has refined this kite to make it one of the most precise and intuitive handling kites of all time. As a crossover kite, there are few other kites that match what the RPM has to offer for a wide range of riding including progressive freestyle, free ride, wave riding and even snow kiting. The goal of the 2013 RPM was to retain all the good qualities the kite is known for and refine qualities that benefit the next generation.

Slingshot upholds it’s status as having legendary construction by continuing to improve the RPM year after year. Collecting input from riders and retailers about possible weak spots or flaws allows them to prevent any possible issues. In return the kite is solid, so solid that you feel it while flying it. The differential bridle system gives the rider a very direct feel with raw, yet fully controllable power. It’s low profile wing tips increase turning speed while reducing drag. The rear wingtip attachment points offer four options to alter the turning radius of the kite to help compliment your riding style. The RPM has been tested all over the world in every condition to make sure it’s the most well rounded kite available.

The 2013 Comp Stick Control Bar is one of the cleanest and most intuitive bars on the market. The Comp Stick features an active stopper ball that actually works along with many other great features. The front lines feature 800lb spectra with 500lb on the steering lines. The overall look of the Comp Stick has been redesigned for 2013 and is their cleanest bar yet.

2013 Slingshot RPM – The Evolution Continues…