Over the last week Slingshot has been giving us little sneak previews of their 2014 Kites in anticipation of their release on July 12th. They’ve done a very good job keeping it under as very little is known about the 2014 Slingshot kites, surfboards and twintips. What we do know is Slingshot Kiteboarding has been stepping it up year after year and from what we as a dealer know, 2014 looks to be the best and most interesting year yet. So far the 2014 Compstick Control Bar has been released and it looks insanely good.

Below is a teaser video of the 2014 Slingshot Gear. Will there be a 2014 Slingshot RPM? Will we see a 2014 Slingshot Turbine? How about a 2014 Slingshot Celeritas? Maybe something new called the Slingshot T-REX? or the Space Pickle? Stay tuned as updates keep coming out. In the meantime enjoy the video and look closely… you just might catch a glimpse of something!