The 2015 Varial-X is a great intermediate to advanced kite for riders looking to boost big, unhook and ride waves. This kite has a complete re-design this year to bridge the gap between itself and the Lithium…. and Airush has delivered on customers recommendations from previous models.

Upgrades from 2014:
- New XL Single Inflation Valve, made inflate/ deflate quick, easy and hassle free.
– Poly Load Frame- Special polyester pattern sewn into the kite to prevent stretching and increases longevity
– D2 Technoforce Canopy (best material in the industry)

Rider: Cory Busichio
Experience: 10+ Years
Weight: 170lbs
Height: 6’1
Sex: Yes
Board: CoreVac Cannibal 5’9 pin tail surfboard (strapless) & 2014 135x42cm Axis Vanguard

Test Number 1
Kite: 2015 Airush Varial-X 10m
Board: CoreVac Cannibal 5’9 Pin Tail
Wind Speed: 12-15kts NE
Location: St. Augustine Beach
Sea: 1-2′ Ground Swell
Current: Light

Before I took the 10m Varial-X out, I was moderately powered on a 15m Cabrinha Contra. Out of the bag the 2015 Varial-X looks great. At first sight, there is a noticeable difference between the 2015 and 2014 shape and construction. The 2015 Varial has more swept back wing tips with a lower aspect ratio (wider center of the kite), making the kite easier to re-launch and provides more low end power (this was definitely noticeable in these light conditions).

I put the kite in the air just to fly it on the beach (didn’t think it was windy enough for the water) and noticed the power delivery and turning speed instantly. Not only does this kite turn as fast as anything I’ve flown size to size, it holds almost all it’s power in the tightest, fastest turns. This is great for those lighter days when you’re looking for some added grunt. I was also able to aggressively work the kite to generate maximum power without having to worry about flutter.

Although the waves were small and the wind was light, the Varial still had nice down the line drift but had the power when you needed it. Not great conditions but I was very impressed with the power this kite generated.

Test Number 2
Kite: 2015 Airush Varial-X 10m
 2014 Axis Vanguard 135x42cm
Wind Speed:
20-24kts Due East
Location: Matanzas Inlet
 Butter Flat Water
Strong against the wind (perfect!) 

Very rarely do we have the wind and current line up like they did this session. Storm rolled through, wind flipped East and cranked to 20+ in a few minutes. The inlet provides an outer sand bar to kill the waves and flattens the water out so it’s butter smooth with the opposing current.

The 2015 Varial-X loves to jump, loop and unhook. Although there is more power in this years Varial, for unhooking, it was still manageable. When sent, the Varial held great power through the peak of the jump, redirects extremely smooth and the added width in the center of the kite allows you to float back to the water softly. When looping, it turned quick and accelerated toward the top of the window with plenty of time to catch you, very very smooth feeling kite.

I would recommend this kite to someone who’s continuously trying to progress their skills but doesn’t want ride a “C” kite. The Varial-X is a great step up from the Lithium but still re-launches very well.  If you’re doing a little bit of everything like me, strapless surf & flat water, this is a great all around kite for you!