This past weekend we were able to get out on the 17m Airush Varial X Race Kite.

Airush Varial X Race 17m

Winds: East 8-11mph. Winds were straight onshore.
The Varial X Race isn’t the fastest turning kite in the word, super high aspect 17m kites generally aren’t, but the forward speed it generates is unreal. I had flown the 13m Varial X Race Kite a few weeks ago and it worked great. The 17m version is a monster. The kite has so much speed through the window for it’s size it’s unlike anything I’ve flown so far. Once you get going the upwind ability of the kite is what you dream of in winds that light.A light onshore breeze here in St. Augustine means you’re not going to go far. Sometimes a skimboard in the shorebreak is the best call so that’s what I grabbed. The 17m Varial X Race has power. So much power that it made the skim incredibly tricky.

Airush Varial X Race

The VXR is a specialty kite really, it’s not ideal for some conditions. I ride a surfboard 95% of the time when I’m on the water so I would choose something like the 14m Lithium as my big kite instead because it’s flying characteristics are more suited for that. Now the VXR has got my interest so I’m looking into race boards and light wind twintips. This kite wants me to keep exploring what is possible.

Similar kites in it’s class would be the Ozone Edge 17m, Ozone Zephyr 17m, Best TS 17m, Slingshot Turbine 17m. The VXR appears to be a little more specialized than the rest.

The VXR is meant to do 2 things really well; get you going fast and get you upwind. For that it really works!

We have a 15m VXR arriving any day, stay tuned for the comparison.