Slingshot has announced their new Compstick Control Bar for 2014 and as always it lives up to Slingshot standards. The Compstick is a complete blend of kite control, safety, depower and convenience all in one. Over several years the Compstick has been evolving into one of the cleanest and most intuitive bars on the kiteboarding market.

The new Compstick has 3 main features:

Zone 1 – Flight Control: Above the bar
– 800lb Center Flying Lines, 60% stronger than 500lb flying lines. 

– The Compstick features a 47cm throw. This provides the widest range possible of power and depower.
– Guardian Swivel keeps your lines free of twists
– Dual Oh Shit Handles leave you feeling safe. Use them to land the kite safely or bail out in case of emergency.
– Active Stopper lets you adjust the amount of throw your bar has on the fly

Zone 2 – Compstick: At the bar
– Bar Floats and protective end caps

– Ergonomic One-Piece center hole keeps your fingers from getting pinched!
– Rugged Non Slip Grip keeps you feeling in control in all conditions
– Guardian Safety Release System is Slingshot’s best design yet

Zone 3 – Rider Control Center: Below the bar
– Below the Bar Trim / Depower keep your bar neat with no hanging straps from above the bar

All 3 features have been optimized to work in harmony together. The 2014 Compstick blends safety, kite control, depower and convenience into a system that is simple, trusted, intuitive and simple.

Compstick Bar Sizes:

17″ w/ 20m Lines
20″ w/ 23m Lines
23″ w/ 27m Lines

Watch the video here: