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Coreban Sigma Race Series Coming Soon!

Coreban has teamed up with KND Naval Architects to design and develop boards that will push the envelope of board designs. These boards are arriving in the US now. Here is a video explaining some of their ideas.

CrazyFly Skim Kiteboard 2012 Review

CrazyFly has an all new skimboard for 2012. In previous years we've seen some experimental designs from them but this year they created one a little more surf specific and less like a traditional skimboard. I really think they nailed it with this one.

Airush Sector V3 Series is here!

Airush has just introduced their next generation of the Sector series kiteboards. For the past 2 years the Sector has led the market being the most fun and easy to use race style board. The V3 series now introduces new sizes and both competitive and just all around fun.

Superfly Open 2012 Day 1

Once again the Superfly Open was a great success. Due to changing weather conditions the event was moved to Skyline this year. Day one gave us NW winds and plenty of sun. Temps weren't exactly what they have been in Florida but that's to be expected.

Colorado to Utah Road Trip Part 1

I came into town for the last day of the event and was able to attend the awards ceremony. Daryl held second place through most of the race until he kited across someone's lines draped across part of the finish line and had to bail, resulting in a twisted knee! A heavy dose of ibuprofen was in the order these past few days.

Airush Varial X Race 17m

This past weekend we were able to get out on the 17m Airush Varial X Race Kite.

Winds: East 8-11mph. Winds were straight onshore.
The Varial X Race isn’t the fastest turning kite in the word, super high aspect 17m kites generally aren’t, but the forward speed it generates is unreal. I had flown the 13m […]

Thanksgiving in the Florida Keys

Some of the local St. Augustine kite crew took a trip down to the Florida Keys for Thanksgiving. The first day was mellow and relaxing but every day after that saw 25-30mph. Great food, great conditions, great people! Check out this photo gallery from the trip!

Jacksonville Kite Demo 11/5/2011

Thanks to everyone that came out to try out some new 2012 kites! The wind was fairly strong so we weren’t able to put up most of the kites we had but we were able to put up the 10m Ozone Reo, 9.5m Best Kahoona+, 7.5m Wainman Mr. Green, 9m Wainman Smoke, 10.5m Wainman […]

Halloween Party at the Shop Photos

Thanks everyone that came out to our Halloween Party at the shop! It is not often that we all get to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone had a great time, food was great, music was great, people were great, everything was great! We really appreciate it and look forward to our […]

Airush Kites 2012

We have many new kites from the 2012 Airush lineup. Here is a gallery of the 2012 Airush Lithium 14m and the 2012 Airush One 15m. Both of these kites are light wind weapons and really good all around performers. We are stoked on the 2011 lineup and even more stoked on the 2012 […]