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Dillon Snowkite Open Race Results from 2/11/11

Dillon Snowkite Open Race Results from 2/11/11

Here is what Daryl had to say about the event:
“-Thurs (First Day)
-Winduro Race (about 10 miles total) first half of the race is straight down wind. Second half has to markers to go around to climb all the way back upwind)
– The bottom half of the course had 2ft snow-2ft […]

Interview with Airush Designer Clinton Filen

SBC Kiteboard has done a great inteview with Airush’s Clinton Filen. I’ve had the pleasure of having him walk me through Airush’s lineup at Surf Expo a few years ago. I can safely say he’s one of the most knowledgeable guys I have met in kiteboarding. Take a few minutes and read this, then […]

Royal Solo 2011 First Pics

Here are the first released pictures of the 2011 Royal Solo kite. Royal has always put out a good product and the first generation Solos were awesome. These look amazing, hope to try them soon!

Announcing the RRD Vision Kite

“Superior versatility, exceptionally balanced”
The VISION Kite is amazing fun and accessible from the minute you hit the water. Easy turns with super smooth power and acceleration. Perfect handling in gusty conditions, water re-launchable on the spot! Usable by the largest variety of kiters in the water today, there are no limits for the riders […]

Slingshot Turbine 17m Lightwind Kite

Everything about this kite has been optimized to perform on days when wind ranges are in their low end. The number one way to increase your time on the water is by extending what conditions make kiteboarding fun. The Slingshot Turbine can be combined with a race board, surfboards or a light wind twin […]