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New 2014 Slingshot Surfboards

For 2014 Slingshot has introduced a few new surfboard designs to it's already stellar lineup.

2014 Slingshot Kites & Boards Preview

Get a sneak peek at some of the 2014 Slingshot Kiteboarding Gear in this video just released by the company.

Announcing the 2014 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar

Slingshot has announced their new Compstick Control Bar for 2014 and as always it lives up to Slingshot standards.

2013 Slingshot RPM Up Close and Personal with OES

Throughout the evolution of the Slingshot RPM the kite has maintained it's reputation as a leader in 3-strut Open-C canopy design. The RPM is now in it's fifth generation and Slingshot has refined this kite to make it one of the most precise and intuitive handling kites of all time. As a crossover kite, there are few other kites that match what the RPM has to offer for a wide range of riding including progressive freestyle, free ride and even wave riding. The goal of the 2013 RPM was to retain all the good qualities the kite is known for and refine qualities that benefit the next generation.

2013 Best TS V2 15m Review

Looking for a great light wind kite that doesn't become a hassle if the wind picks up? Look no further than the 15m TS V2 from Best Kiteboarding. The TS line from Best is in it's second generation and is called the V2 series. We had great results with the original TS 15m and the V2 has proven to be even better.

CrazyFly Skim Kiteboard 2012 Review

CrazyFly has an all new skimboard for 2012. In previous years we've seen some experimental designs from them but this year they created one a little more surf specific and less like a traditional skimboard. I really think they nailed it with this one.

Airush Sector V3 Series is here!

Airush has just introduced their next generation of the Sector series kiteboards. For the past 2 years the Sector has led the market being the most fun and easy to use race style board. The V3 series now introduces new sizes and both competitive and just all around fun.

Kiteboarding NW Winds Matanzas Inlet

Sunday, March 4th a strong cold front followed by strong high pressure sent a blast of NW winds our way, with forecast wind speeds in the mid to upper 40s miles per hour. It is extremely rare, but on the perfect wind direction NW will funnel up the intracoastal past Fort Matanzas, and out […]

2012 Airush Varial X 10m demo

It was a really fun weekend...I had the chance on Saturday to try the new 10m Varial X. Another awesome kite by Airush. It is best described as the perfect mix of a C kite and Delta kite...Really direct feel, power thru the turns, fast, forward flying, but still some depower when you need it.

2012 Airush Compact 5’4

I’ve spent a few hours now on my new 5’4 Airush Compact board. I’m really liking this board. I’ve had it out in some moderate to light winds, and then this past weekend in some really strong wings. It has the throw around factor of a 5’4 surfboard, but the low end of probably […]