The Caution Spitfire is in it’s 7th year of evolution bringing mind blowing performance, flying reliability and construction durability. This C-Shape SLE features a high level of depower but a wealth of power for the toughest unhooked maneuvers, great drift for surf and speed for just about any style of riding.

The Spitfire brings forward the positives of the old school. It’s got that grunt, that raw power feeling that seems to be lost in many new kite designs. Long time riders will love the feel of this kite. New riders will appreciate the high level of depower. It really is a good all around do-everything kite.

A cool feature of the Spitfire is the very short leading edge bridal. This prevents unwanted tangles and wingtip wraps when launching. This is very common in modern SLE kites, the Spitfire overcomes this with ease.

Other Features Include:

  • One Way LE Inflation Valve
  • Larger Diameter Single Pump Distribution Hoses
  • Zipper Access in Each Strut
  • 3 Front Bridle Settings
  • Legendary Seam Construction

If you want good upwind ability, precise steering, good drift, easy relaunch, endless depower and all around reliable durability the Spitfire has it all!

The biggest and baddest feature of the Caution Spitfire is it’s price tag. Starting at just $760 you get all these features packed into one fiery ball of performance.

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