Brian Miller riding the Crazyfly SkimCrazyFly has an all new skimboard for 2012. In previous years we’ve seen some experimental designs from them but this year they created one a little more surf specific and less like a traditional skimboard. I really think they nailed it with this one.

The 2012 CrazyFly Skim will not be your ultimate lightwind weapon, it will not be your board of choice for head high surf and it certainly won’t pull you out of a barrel at Teahupoo… but what it WILL DO is quickly become your new favorite toy.

The new CrazyFly Skim is perfect in onshore small waves especially when the wind is blowing straight onshore. The board is magical. Something I’ve never really done before is ride a skim with fins on it. I find myself riding this one with the rear fins full time. The board tracks well, I can hold it down in some pretty decent wind and it has the best pop of any skimboard I have tried in the past.

Smooth ride? Sure, it’s got decent flex but not too much to take away speed and make you feel like you’re riding a wet noodle. ┬áThe tail is pulled in to give you a fairly tight turning radius but features a half moon cut to help give it some drive and a little more edge when powered.

There are two holes drilled near the nose of the board to give you the option of adding a fin so you can ride the board in the opposite direction or just better tracking. I don’t really see much use for it so I prefer to ride the board as a directional and filled the holes with surf wax.

Overall the 2012 CrazyFly Skim is a neat toy. I’ve had one for a few months now and it comes to the beach with me almost every session. When I’m not on my surfboard I’m riding the skim. ┬áTry one for yourself, it’s got a little bit of a learning curve but is incredibly fun once you get a few tricks dialed.