Dillon Snowkite Open Race Results from 2/11/11

Here is what Daryl had to say about the event:
“-Thurs (First Day)
-Winduro Race (about 10 miles total) first half of the race is straight down wind. Second half has to markers to go around to climb all the way back upwind)
– The bottom half of the course had 2ft snow-2ft slush 2ft ice! And was very tricky!!
– They ended up running everyone (snowboarders, skiers, pro and am.) on the same course because the conditions looked great. “Oops!” This ended up being a bit hard for sure. It took some guys most of the afternoon to finish as the wind died and they sank in the slush. ”

Pro Skier Results
37 Jon McCabe
16 Daryl Drown
11 Sean Haag
26 Tyler Brown
17 Jakub Fiala
14 Luke Orton
10 Obadiah Jenkins
12 Chris Nester
36 Jay Kilgannon

Pro Board Results
39 Jacob Buzianis
1 Anton Rainold
22 Juan Carlos
15 James Brown
21 Justin Young
33 Cole Russell
20 Tom Hoskins

Am Mens Ski
66 Ravil Muslyumov
65 Mike Darrah
61 David Adkins

Am Mens Board
64 Bryce Dequoy
68 Juan C Garces
72 Frank Figarella
63 Nick Spriggs

AM Ski 66 Ravil Muslyumov
AM B 68 Juan C Garces

Pro Ski
16 Daryl Drown
37 Jon McCabe
17 Jakub Fiala

Pro Board
1 Anton Rainold
20 Tom Hoskins
21 Justin Young -Did not finish