At Ocean Extreme Sports we know how important it is to get you into a board that is the right fit and one we know you’re going to be happy with not only for the short term, but for the long haul. Not only to help our employees better understand our products but more importantly our customers, in conjunction with our manufactures, Ocean Extreme Sports puts on FREE Stand Up Paddle Board demos to anyone who is interested in trying the sport for the first time or who’s looking to make a perfect purchase.

We know there are many market options out there but we have chosen a select group of manufactures we sell to cater to any type of paddle boarder at any skill level. At our demos, our reps bring a whole line of boards to try in many different shapes and sizes. This allows paddles to first hand experience different shapes and construction in boards and find the one they’re going to be most comfortable on.

For beginners, try our flat water paddle board demo’s first before venturing into the mighty Atlantic. Matanzas Inlet offers a safe, protected learning environment and is a great spot to touring, racingĀ and all around boards.

For the intermediate to advance paddle boarder looking to catch a few waves or for the veteran looking for a smaller, more maneuverable board, our SUP Surf Paddle Board Demo’s offer a unique opportunity to dial in the needs of your next board. Often tied into the SUP Surf Series throughout the summer, the SUP Surf demo’s are a great way to finalize a purchase decision.

Please stay tuned to our Calendar for upcoming demo’s or changes in schedule.