Had the chance to play around on the  JP Wide Body SUP boards. I took out the 8’2 x 32″x124L board. Surf was really small, in the knee to thigh high range:

-Float: I’m at 170lbs, and this board feels super stable. My normal board is around 105liters, so this one feels like a boat in terms of stability. Very stable. Don’t let the 8’2 length fool you. The extra width makes all the difference. I’ve been on 10’0 SUPs that were harder to stand on, compared to this board.

-Glide: This board paddles really well. It has a very wide sweet spot, so you don’t need to stand exactly in the middle of the board to get it going. Like a much longer board, you can move around a bit while paddling. It also catches waves really easy. It was a very small day, and I could catch the small waves with ease. Not the glide of a 10’0 board, but no last minute take offs needed. The extra width and wider nose help get on the wave earlier

-Once on the wave: This is where the board shined. You can step back near the tail, and throw the board around like a short board. Even in really tiny, mushy surf, the board was very lively. On much longer boards, you can catch the wave early, and “log” down the face. But on this board, you can do much more with the board. You can also jump on the nose and ride it like a long board. Really fun

-Big waves? The jury is still out. Only took it out on a small day, but I would think it would be just as much fun on a head high day.

-Overall: Go shorter and have a blast. A lot of people are scared to go to short, but with new short/wide shapes like this, it opens up an entire new range of possibilities. You get the stability of a much longer board, but have the feel and fun factor of a short board. You don’t need to be an expert or light weight rider, to use this board. They have 3 different sizes, that would be good for any rider out there.