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King's Simmons 7'6

Modeled after the design principals of the great Bob Simmons. Designed to be fast, maneuverable and very stable for it's size.

Regular Price: $1,495.00

Special Price $1,299.00

King's Simmons SUP


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Regular Price: $1,495.00

Special Price $1,299.00

  • Details

    The King's SIMMONS Stand up Paddle Board is designed to be the everyday go to board for SUP Surfing. This board offers unparalleled speed, turning and stability and patterned after the revolutionary design of Bob Simmons.

    Design Notes:

    - The wide outline creates fantasic planing speed in all sizes of surf. 

    - The tail, nose and rails are thin, allowing you to make quick turns while maintaining high speeds. 

    - The bottom of the nose is rounded, giving you a smooth glide through the water. 

    - The front third of the bottom has a deep single concave creating lift, which flows into a deep Vee with double concaves, greatly accellerating the flow of water traveling under the board. 

    - The Simmons SUP is best ridden in board lenghts under 9' and surf's in waves from ankle high to slightly overhead. 

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    Brand King's Paddlesports
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    Customer Reviews

    Simmon's ImpressionsReview by Robbie
    I've had my Simmons for several months now and wanted to chime in for those considering this board. Getting on a smaller board is often challenging at first. But as your skill and experience increases it is less of an issue. The first few sessions were tough but promising. But perspective is everything.... I've been riding the King 9'2" and just returned from Costa after a 2 week trip with it. I returned to find a small 3-4' swell here in Ormond. I decided to take out the Simmons and really get a feel for it. At this point everything changed. Given new confidence, post Costa I really started pushing my 8'0". I was surprised at how responsive the turns became. I really think after another good swell I can really make some deep hard turns without any hesitation. The biggest point to consider is the lift you get from the wide tail. It's surprising at first how much more you feel the wave behind you as your drop in. I had several waves that I thought for sure would close out on me but the steeper the wave the faster it got and I made sections with ease. The quad fin set up is perfect for the steep fast sections when are praying you don't get pitched or the tail slides out. I thought this board would be best for the smaller mushy days but those fast near closeout sections were super fun. I don't want to ride my 9'2" anymore. With the exception of those super small July rollers this is my new everyday board. (Posted on 8/17/2013)

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