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Kiteboard Lesson: Private Pilot

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Ready to hit the water!?
  • Kiteboarding Lessons - Private Pilot


    During the “Private Pilot” course you will continue to develop skills necessary to become a proficient kite boarder.  This course takes the knowledge you’ve learned from the ground school and applies it to a larger kiteboarding kite while adding the use of a board and some water!  The beginning of the course briefly brings you back into the classroom and then takes your skills to the beach & water.

    Points of Emphasis

    Kite Control

    • Flying the kite with one hand
    • Water launching
    • Body Dragging (kite pulls you through the water)
    • Self Rescue and self landing the kite

    Board Skills

    • Properly setting up your board stance
    • Board Positioning
    • Water starts

    Once you’ve completed the Ground School and Private Pilot course you will have the knowledge and ability to safely rig, launch, fly, and land a kite. There is only so much our instructors can help with, when the Private Pilot course is complete it is still necessary you practice the skills you’ve acquired to ride upwind and start jumping, this is where the real fun begins!

    For additional instruction we do offer an hourly rate. 

    Right Click Here and choose Save As to download our printable kiteboarding lesson agreement, fill it out and bring it with you.

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