Sunday, March 4th a strong cold front followed by strong high pressure sent a blast of NW winds our way, with forecast wind speeds in the mid to upper 40s miles per hour. It is extremely rare, but on the perfect wind direction NW will funnel up the intracoastal past Fort Matanzas, and out the inlet through the bridge towards the south side. On incoming tide with a decent swell strong NW wind creates perfect side-offshore wave riding conditions. Glassy wave faces combine with the right wind angle to go left down the line without even moving the kite.

Just remember that anytime you ride the ocean in offshore wind conditions you have to be prepared to lose your gear, or at the very least self-rescue and swim in. When the wind starts to die there will be warnings, like noticeable lulls in the wind in between gusts. When this starts to happen, find the nearest gust and head towards the beach quickly before the wind dies, and your kite falls out of the sky never to relaunch again.