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Kiteboarding Spots in St Augustine

Kiteboarding Spots in St Augustine

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing is quickly gaining in popularity in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, the oldest city in America. Some of the early pioneers of kitesurfing started on our large beaches and still ride here today. Kiteboarding is extremely popular in Florida and Saint Augustine has always been one of the main breeding grounds for kiteboarders. Our very own Matanzas Inlet can be a world class kitesurfing spot when the elements line up. With 8 months of the year having 70 degree water or greater, and miles of unobstructed beaches, St. Augustine Beach is one of the best places in the country for water sports. Enjoying frontal winds in the winter months, and themals late spring and summer, make it perfect for learning to kiteboard or kitesurf.

Having the right equipment for kiteboarding will ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience on the water. If the wind isn't quite enough to kite on the water our beaches offer some of the best landboarding conditions on the east coast. Much less wind is required to ride a land board than a kiteboard, giving you much more time with your kite in the air.

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