I just picked up a new Compact 5’4 last week, and have had the chance to take it out on two different days. I pretty much only ride surfboards these days, and have been looking for something to replace my 5’5 Caution Trespass(which I have ridden for a few years now, and really love)…

I ride in Florida where we get a lot of light winds, and then we get some gusty stronger winds. I was hoping this board would be my board for those 17 to 35 knot plus days… For the super light stuff, I used a surf skate type of board…

Anyway, here is my take on the board: I weigh 170lbs and have been riding for 10 plus years(I’m getting old):

-Low end: I was really suprised on this…I could go easily and stay upwind when it was blowing around 16 to 18 knots and we had a strong current with the wind… It definitely has the low end of a longer board..

-High end: Took it out yesterday in some gusty offshore winds, gusting to mid 30’s.. no problem at all..

-Speed: It is a fast board…really cuts through the water well

-Bottom turns: I could really lean aggressively on my bottom turns and hold the rail throughout the turn. I could make long drawn out turns, or do some last minute shorter arc turns.. really smooth

-Snap on the wave: Really fun..you can aggressively smack the lip and turn it on a dime…or, if you like to tail slide on the top of the lip, it is easy to break the fins free and do it….

-Pads: I really didn’t like the pads that came with the board. Super thin and hard. I actually took them off the board and replaced them with some cushy NSI pads… makes for a much nicer ride in my opinion.

-Straps…they are super comfy, but were a little big for me..couldn’t lock them tighter… need to adjust the holes or something, and not a big deal..

-Construction: Overall, it looks solid…has a wood type of bottom(not sure what type of wood), and everything looks solid…

-Overall: 2 thumbs up…very happy with this board so far. This is exactly what I was looking for. It gets up and goes…works well in the lighter stuff, but also great in the strong winds. With the shorter length, you can really throw it around… Just really fun to ride. .I’ve only riddent it with straps now, but next session, I’ll go without straps.