Rumors have been flying around for a while now but today Slingshot officially announced that Ruben Lenten will no longer be riding for Slingshot.

Slingshot had this to say, “Slingshot has always been a brand that builds both leaders and champions, but we don’t buy them. It is an end of a great era – a time when our products and Rubens riding literally took the sport to the highest level possible today. We are now looking forward to kiteboarding’s next era of champions to take the sport beyond what is capable today.”

Slingshot CEO Jeff Logosz had this to say, “Ruben has been a part of our family since he was only thirteen. We have deep seated roots with Ruben as we have watched this kid grown into a man and transform the realm of possibility in our sport. On behalf of the entire global Slingshot family we wish Ruben the best in achieving his dreams.“

Ruben visited our shop for a couple days a few years ago along with Aaron Hadlow and Susi Mai during a Red Bull Tour of the Southeast. Ruben has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met. He really is like he appears in his videos, and then some. He’s also a good DJ!

There is no doubt Ruben has brought the extreme side of kiteboarding to the forefront and helped to develop the Fuel into the amazing C-kite that it is today. We wish Ruben the best in his future endeavors and as I type this he’s helping to host the Red Bull King of the Air competition in Cape Town.

What’s next? Only Ruben knows best!