Quality and innovation is what you always expect from Shinn and once again they’ve delivered it. The all new Speedball is designed to give you that feeling of off-roading with top of the line suspension.

No longer will those choppy conditions cause spray to your face, the Speedball is designed to eliminate that and then some. How does it work you may ask? The working length of the board seems small but the Speedball has extra length through the middle that adds 20% more rocker at release.

Wanna carve like never before? The shape of the Speedball allows the fins to be near the edge of your feet for optimal carving AND near the edge of the board for better grip, eliminating the classic “skatey” feel of an extra wide board.

An innovative flex pattern using Squoval Deck Mold technology brings it all together. Don’t let the dimensions of the board fool you, it’s different, new, innovative and COOL!

Go try a Shinn Speedball today, keep an open mind and you’ll see the light!