For 2014 Slingshot has introduced some new surf shapes to their lineup. One model that is garnering most of the attention is the Slingshot T-REX. The T-REX is designed for the new school rider that likes to not only slash waves but needs something maneuverable and easy to throw around. This unique shape gives you less swing weight when doing rotations and is less likely to perl when dropping into a wave. The T-REX features 5 fin boxes to suit any riding style. Use all 5 fins for more drive or set it up as a thruster or quad, whichever you prefer.

The T-REX features a decent amount of rocker in the nose and tail for maximum carving and forgiveness. It’s shape is unique but don’t let that fool you. Each size T-REX can be ridden as a much larger board. Because of it’s short length the T-REX also works very well for traveling and portability.

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Here is a gallery of the T-REX up close. Check it out!