slingshot turbineEverything about this kite has been optimized to perform on days when wind ranges are in their low end. The number one way to increase your time on the water is by extending what conditions make kiteboarding fun. The Slingshot Turbine can be combined with a race board, surfboards or a light wind twin tip for mind blowing speed, power, upwind and downwind performance. Bottom line is this kite increases the fun factor and time on the low end of the wind range. The Slingshot Turbine looks to be a real contender in the ultimate lightwind kite shootout.

The package will include:

  • Turbine Kite
  • Comp Stick Control Bar
  • Kite Backpack
  • Jenna J XL Double Pump
  • Kite Patch Kit, CSS and Butter Box Bungee
  • Turbine Quick Start Guide
  • Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support