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Stand Up Paddle Lessons in St Augustine

Stand Up Paddle Lessons in St Augustine

Stand Up Paddle Lessons in St AugustineStand Up Paddle Lessons in St Augustine are a custom-tailored experience for you. Come see our beautiful area from standing on the water. Our instructors are extremely professional and well qualified. We can visit any waterway you’d like to see, and give lessons according to your needs. We can also recommend places to paddle on almost any given day. Just show up with some water and sunscreen and we will take care of the rest.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons:
Whether you're starting out or you already have some experience on a paddle board, we can assist you in taking your paddling to the next level. If you're ready for the surf or want to learn how to adapt to riding waves, we've got you covered!

All types of Lessons include:

Usage of Paddle Board, Paddle, and Instruction and will go over elements such as:

  • Basic Water Awareness
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Etiquette
  • Basic Paddle Technique
  • How to Stand Up Paddle


Private: $65/person (1 on 1 with Instructor)
Length: 90 Minutes

Semi-Private: $55/person (2 or more participants)
Length: 90 Minutes

Click here to book your lesson online or call us at 1-866-790-7873