2014 SUP Surf Series

The SUP Surf Series features 6 events throughout 2014. Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third place in both under 9′ division & 9’0 and over division.

Entry is $35 per contest or $175 for the entire series.

  • May 24th – Ocean Trace Beach Ramp, St Augustine
  • June 28th – North Jetty, Jacksonville
  • July 26th – Ocean Trace Beach Ramp, St Augustine
  • Aug 30th – Marineland, St Augustine
  • Sept 27th – North Jetty, Jacksonville
  • Oct 25th – Ocean Trace Beach Ramp, St Augustine
  • Registration will close at midnight the night before the event and the first heat of each contest will begin at 8:30am sharp.
  • We are unable to accept payment on location due to St Johns County regulations so please sign up here!
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Please register online or call us 904.461.9415 as we are unable to collect money on the beach.

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Judging Criteria
A surfer must perform radical controlled maneuvers, using the paddle as a key tool, in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative / progressive surfing as well as variety of repertoire [maneuvers], and the functional use of the paddle to increase the intensity of the maneuvers, will all be taken into account when awarding points for SUP surfing. The SUP surfer who executes these criteria with the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the waves will be rewarded with the higher scores.

Scoring Guidelines

  1. The judging scale will be the normal 10 point scale with normal ISA/SA contest rules applying.
  2. The aggregate of the best 2 rides will decide the final score for each surfer and interferences will be adjudicated according to the ISA/SA Surfing Rulebook.
  3. The surfer must have forward momentum under the wave generated power to be deemed a scoring ride.
  4. To the best of a riders’ ability he/she is expected to stand up on the board at all times throughout the heat, unless the situation of safety dictates otherwise. How-ever this will not have a bearing on any of the scoring.
  5. Entry into the wave should be by paddling in the standing position to enable the maximum score.
  6. Footwork, nose riding and flow points will be scored, but this will be done in their relationship to the criteria and degree of difficulty and critical nature of board positioning.
  7. In some cases, and specialty events beach starts can be used as an alternative method to start a heat, under the consultation of the Contest Director and Head judge.
  8. The paddle is used in turns as a brace, a pivot, and a force multiplier. A surfer will be scored higher when he uses the paddle in some or all of these three ways to achieve sharper or more powerful turns. Use of the paddle on the inside rail or the outside rail will have no difference on the degree of difficulty of the maneuver.
  9. Tricks such as twirling or otherwise using the paddle in a non-functional manner will earn no extra score for the surfer.

SUP Surf Series 2014