Best Superfly Open 2012Once again the Superfly Open was a great success. Due to changing weather conditions the event was moved to Skyline this year. Day one gave us NW winds and plenty of sun. Temps weren’t exactly what they have been in Florida but that’s to be expected.

Gary Greene told me it’s a ‘dry cold’. (this was while he was wearing a hoodie and shorts at the bar in Frisco one night). He’s actually right, it’s cold but it’s a different kind of cold. With the right gear you can spend all day outside and be fine. Just don’t let your core get cold, then it’s time to go home. If you take a break for a while, throw an extra layer on. Kiting warms you up pretty quick, especially pumping up your kite. Everyone at the Superfly put in a full day. Don’t let the cold scare you, the fun far outweighs it. Trust me.

Bjorn Kaupang - 2011 World Champion at the Superfly 2012

The Superfly was full of great snowkiters again this year with everyone throwing down as hard as the next guy. From beginner to pro the snowkite events in general have plenty of room for everybody with the idea of introducing new people to the sport. The pro level of riding has increased dramatically compared to last year. I could tell everyone was seriously amped to have a good session at Skyline. Many of these guys have been on the tour for several weeks and are at the top of their game by the time the Superfly happens.

Daryl Drown Snowkiting Skyline, UT

Daryl Drown has always been a madman on skis and when he combines that with a kite it’s pretty cool to watch. We skied together as kids since we were about 3 years old until high school. He took the professional route and made it a career for a decade or so. There’s not many people faster than him on the snow, it’s hard to get a good picture. Unfortunately a knee injury during a race at the Dillon Snowkite Open kept him from competing at the Superfly. He was still able to ride but not 100%.

We saw kites from Best, Airush, Ozone, North, Slingshot, Cabrinha, RRD and even Gin being demoed at the event. The snowkite events are a great place to see what new gear is out and get your hands on some of it. Stay tuned for Day 2.